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    All ciders are fermented, blended and bottled in ridiculously small batches. Batch numbers are hand written on the labels. These are natural products with little or no added sulfites and typically evolve with age. Please store in a cool, dark location, or enjoy now.

  • Currently Available in 2019

    Fermentation and aging typically takes 1-2 years.

    2017-2018 ciders coming soon

    Fipenny Bit

    Batch: 2017

    Style: bottle conditioned, dry, effervescent, acid forward

    Apples: Approx 50% Red Astrachan, 25% Dolgo crab, 25% mix of wild

    Naturally Sparkling Cider

    Batch: 16 (2016 harvest)

    Style: méthode champenoise, extra dry, cultured yeast, riddled, disgorged

    Apples: Cortland, Sharon, Fireside

    Some of you may remember, 2016 was a very dry year here in the northeast. It made for a challenging growing season for some of us, but some varieties came out surprisingly well, with very high brix and very concentrated flavors. The three varieties that made up this vintage were a very unusual blend for me. It is well aged at the time of release (June 2019), very low sulfite and I doubt it will improve with further aging, so if you are sitting on a bottle, enjoy.


    Batch: 17 (2017 harvest) coming out soon!



    Sold Out Past Blends(may be some stock on shelves or in your own cellar)

    Fippenny Bit (sold out)

    batch: 2015 (2018 Silver Medal, Heritage Ciders Category - GLINTCAP)

    Style: bottle conditioned, fully dry, acid forward (generally tart), wild and cultured yeasts, blended from barrel and tank. Partial pétulant natural. 7%ABV

    Apples: 45% Red Astrachan, 55% blend of Dolgo Crab, Yellow Transparent, Lodi, Tetousky, Melba, Atlas, Duchess of Oldenburg, wild apples and true wild crabs.



    Ole Pome 2015 (sold out)

    Style: Still, unfiltered, wild fermented, dry. 0% Residual Sugar. Aged in neutral french oak barrels. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation in summer 2016. 7.1% ABV

    Apples: late Red Astrachan, Kerr Crab, Cortland, Red Mac, Liberty, Golden Russet, Connel Red and dozens of wild varieties from old trees. Over 40% wild apples in this blend.



    Farmhouse 2015 (sold out)

    Style: effervescent dry cider. bottle conditioned. Wild and cultured yeasts, secondary fermentation in bottle on champagne yeast. 7.8% ABV

    Apples: Over a dozen cultivated varieties, including Liberty, Connel Red, Russets, old Cortland, Atlas and Dudley. Small percentage of wild apples. Entire batch was aged in french oak Chardonnay barrels for about 6 months.



    Farmhouse 2014B (sold out)

    Apples: Equal parts Golden Russet, Liberty and wild blend.



    Farmhouse Sparkling 2014A (sold 0ut)

    Apples: 17% wild, 20% Golden Russet, 27% Liberty, 36% orchard blend. Some apples from nearby Chapin Orchard and Douglas Orchard.

  • Cider Vinegar

    fermented in glass demijohns and oak barrels, aged in French and American oak

    Raw & Unfiltered

    Made from wild and unsprayed apples

    Notes: Strong, well aged, fruity and woody aromas. Contains bits of mother. This is a living food. Excellent for all the things raw vinegars are prized for. My process takes about 2 years from apple to aged vinegar in bottle.